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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Consolidated Container Company has been recycling and promoting reuse for years. As a drum reconditioning company, every attempt is made to re-use drums and containers rather than just recycle them. However, once a container meets the end of its life as a reusable pack­age, we are able to process the container allowing material to be put back into the stream of commerce rather than a landfill.

One Call, One Company

Making cost effective and informed decisions about waste removal and recycling requires a broad spectrum of services and information. We offer recycling programs that allow you to improve profits by reducing waste, controlling its cost and creating sustainable economic recycling streams. When it comes to environmental responsibility we understand the constant challenge to find savings. Use Consolidated Container's disturbing operations as your recy­cling service source. Our team of container experts is dedicated to tailoring a comprehensive solution to meet your company's individual needs. A complete inventory of services allows us to be innovative in absorbing waste reduction as well as helping you with implement of new recycling projects. In our facility we have the ability to sort, grind, bale and source various metal, plastics, fiber stock, cardboard and wood pallets.

We believe the customer comes first. One of our commitments is helping clients identify re­cyclable material in their waste streams and providing services to reuse or recycle them. We also take mixed loads of assorted recyclables.

Other services include:

Waste evaluations and cost savings programs
Contract and 0n-site development and training
Material documentation and tracking

Haz-Mat and Gaylord recovery containers
Logistic support and material hauling
Live loading, spotting trailers, multiple trailer distribution
Product destruction and recycling certificate

Equipment sales and service
Storage services