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Return Programs Reduce Environmental Impact

Consolidated Container Company LLC provides total life-cycle management services. We remove and recycle all types containers made from plastic, metal and fiber, including: pallets. We will pick it up, recycle the material or recondition the container if possible. We will track your containers during all phases of the recycling process. Your containers will be handled in a safe and proper fashion, helping alleviate risky or hazardous situations and future liability. Most of all, recycled materials today are re-purposed into industrial steel fabrication, new drums, construction products, and commercial plastic products.

Terms and Conditions

Before the Return Program can be activated, the emptier must understand & agree to the following terms:

Before the Return Program can be activated, the emptier must understand and agree to the following terms:

  • All Containers are to be double or triple stacked on trailer
  • All openings on each empty container must be closed and properly sealed.
  • Product labels are required for shipping on each container.
  • A container that carried material identified by EPA as acutely toxic (e.g. many pesticide products) P listed ot U listed materials must be triple rinsed before recycling.
  • A Bill of Lading will be faxed back to you within 3 days to sign and give to the driver assigned to your
  • Make arrangements in advance for pick up.
  • In shipping IBCs that previously contained Hazardous materials, the customer offering the containers are required to provide Placards to the carrier at time of pickup.

  Empty Drum Certification Forms

  IBC Certification Forms