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Recycle for Environmental Sustainability

Consolidated Container, provides complete recycling services that can help remove and recycle all types of plastic, metal, and fiber drums and crates. We will remove and recycle and/or destroy your drums if necessary. We will track your drums during all phases of the recycling process. All material is handled in a safe and proper fashion, helping you manage risk and liability. Weather you need to get rid of it or recycle, we'll take it back and recondition it or reduce it to its base materials: steel, plastic or fiber. Today, your drums can be recycled into many steel products, new drums, new construction materials and a growing number of new plastic goods.

What do I do with the empty drum?

Once emptied of its contents, what do you do with it? You can use them as trash cans, dirt- sawdust- sand or salt containers for parking lots, BBQ grills, and of all things, even make them into musical instruments. You can throw them away- although it's better and actually easier to recycle.

How to handle used drums?

Recycling used drums makes more sense on your pocketbook and the environment. Throwing drums away is often an option for many facilities. While it's necessary to check your local waste company as to whether it can be done or not, in some cases it is acceptable. Usually, a drum must be triple-rinsed and evidence of such an operation must be recorded prior to being put in a crusher or thrown in a dumpster. It may seem wasteful to throw away a perfectly good drum, but for a facility that uses much more than a couple of drums in a year, the space they take up in the solid waste stream can start to become significant.

Recycling saves on your bottom line.

We have been asked many times by customers if they can reuse a drum and have it refilled with the same product. Recycling a larger number of drums can be logistically difficult. There are three issues to address: transport costs, paperwork, and liability. Consolidated Container can help you manage the whole process. We can arrange for transportation or coordinate with your shipping pick-up and delivery. We'll work together with you to have the proper paperwork to guide you through DOT documentation. Finally, we can help alleviate issue of management and liability.

Maximize volume with totes

Recycling totes helps reduce the issue of drums and pails in landfills and encourages environmental steward­ship. Most totes are designed for round trips and refills and for those that can use them, totes they can be a good alternative to drums.. While still requiring the pa­perwork, it can be much less challenging as totes hold larger volumes of material. Make sure your company is set up to handle totes as opposed to drums as the vol­ume and weight of a tote makes set up more complex.