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Disposal and Decontamination


Responsible emptying of all drums to effectively re-use the drum is a key aspect of our management process. It affects cost, regulatory compliance and legal liability. We have strict quality control measures in place to make the routine disposal and decontamination pro­cesses relevant to each of our customers.

Empty containers are emptied according to specified prac­tices, removing all materials and identification- excluding labeling needed to communicate necessary safety informa­tion for handling drums with particular residues. All open top steel drums are blasted in a high temperature furnace to com­pletely remove all content residue, paint and coatings. Plastic drums and IBC's are washed both inside and out then deter­mined usable for reconditioning or processed for recycling. Processed scrap containers are disposed of in compliance with regulations. Consolidated's experienced personnel are knowledgeable about the hazards and are educated in the proper handling procedures for disposal.

Reconditioning or Disposal

Consolidated Container can help you ensure the safe emptying, decontamination and final disposal of your containers. We follow strict guidelines for emptying, decontamination and disposal of containers used as reconditioned or scrapped as material for a recycling. Your empty containers that have been cleaned internally and externally have many potential re uses. Whichever you use, Consolidated Container's operation is compliant with all local and national approvals required for the safe disposal of your containers. We also have appropriate validation for transportation of empty drums and IBC's. All used containers are cleaned and/or recycled or reconditioned.